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Submission of samples

Samples should be accompanied by a Request for Analytical Services form, detailing the analyses to be performed and an estimate of the amount of material present. Ideally, submitted samples should be salt-free, detergent-free and dried. Please see our orders page for further details.

Turnaround time

The Glycotechnology Core Resource will make every reasonable effort to complete the requested analyses within two weeks of receipt of the sample. Samples obtained from University of California investigators will be given top priority.

"Blank" samples

It is often desirable to include a control sample that closely mimics the composition of the sample matrix. This is especially true if environmental contamination by glucose/xylose polymers (from clothing and paper dust) is an issue; if the sample is of low abundance; or if the sample preparation involves several steps. As a rule, the Glycotechnology Core Resource will provide data for positive and negative controls which reflect the analytical steps performed in the Core for no charge. However, blank samples provided by investigators to obtain optimal results from their analyses will be billed as an additional sample.


The Glycotechnology Core Resource benefits from being acknowledged in scientific manuscripts. We appreciate acknowledgments such as "Analysis was performed by the UC San Diego Glycotechnology Core."


The Glycotechnology Core Resource welcomes the opportunitiy to collaborate on a wide-range of cross-displinary and translational projects. Please contact the Core Director to start the process. Once an overview of the research is given project parameters can be defined and a timeline given.

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